noviembre 03, 2007

Traducción asistida por ordenador TAO

Alchemy Software Development is the creator of Alchemy CATALYST - the world's most recognized visual localization technology. 80% of the world's largest software companies use Alchemy CATALYST to accelerate entry to international markets, improving revenue growth opportunities and reducing their costs. With over 12,000 licenses worldwide, Alchemy CATALYST is the dominant choice among professional development companies, localization service providers and global technology leaders. Alchemy CATALYST saves you time and money by seamlessly integrating editors and tools for Translators, Localization Engineers, QA Specialists, Project Managers and Software Developers. By using CATALYST's integrated translation environment with its unique Expert technology, projects will take less time to complete, quality will be improved, Engineering and QA cycles times will shorten and the overall cost of localization will be reduced. For more information go to

Idiom® Technologies optimizes the globalization supply chain by aligning global enterprises, language services providers and translators. WorldServer™ software solutions allow global organizations to expand their market reach by accelerating multilingual communications and automating parts of the translation and localization processes. Idiom assists global organizations to cost-effectively translate global websites and applications, streamline software localization and delivery process and accelerate the time-to-market for international product documentation. Idiom works with consulting firms, systems integrators and technology vendors to assist them in achieving the highest quality results and maximizing their existing enterprise infrastructure. Learn more:

Kilgray Translation Technologies is dedicated to creating software solutions that serve the interests of different players in the globalization industry. Kilgray was established in 2004 by former developers of machine translation, natural language processing and enterprise workflow systems. Kilgray's flagship product MemoQ, an Integrated Localization Environment (ILE) has a strong focus on productive user interface and collaboration features. MemoQ's innovative technology enables innovative business models, minimizing the total cost of deployment and maximizing return on investment. MemoQ comes in four editions, ranging from the freeware MemoQ 4Free to an Enterprise edition with TM repository and workflow management. It is the first distributed translation system, able to access any number of local and remote translation memories and term bases anywhere. Please visit to learn more.

MultiTrans is a corpus-based translation support and language management solution that rapidly transforms vast collections of legacy translations and other content into easily searchable expressions of any length in their full usage context. By combining the advanced corpus indexing and search technology with a sophisticated client/server terminology infrastructure, MultiTrans provides authors, translators, terminologists and content consumers with unparalleled capabilities for translation. Please visit to learn more.

PASS Engineering is recognized as a technological leader in software localization. PASSOLO, the localization suite developed by PASS Engineering, provides comprehensive support for all the major development and localization platforms, from Windows and .NET to XML/XLIFF, Java and Borland VCL. Enterprises across the globe benefit from the quality, consistency and reliability of the PASSOLO localization technologies. And they are supported throughout the world by PASS Engineering - with headquarters in Bonn, Germany, and branch offices in Tokyo and Santa Barbara, California - and the field of software localization. Further information on PASS Engineering and the PASSOLO localization suite is available at

Authoring Coach TMX, from Sajan, is an exciting, new authoring memory application designed to help authors easily access and reuse previously-written information segments from any TMX file. This simple-to-use desktop tool provides a common interface to present exact and fuzzy text matches that the author can choose to use within any authoring editor. Take advantage of this exciting, new technology to reduce your document translation costs, reduce your writing efforts and improve consistency in your source content. For more information please visit:

The world leader in globalization software and services, TRADOS empowers multinational organizations to improve the quality and accelerate the delivery of multilingual content to global markets. TRADOS has enabled 3,500 corporations -- including Microsoft, IBM, Deutsche Bank, Wal-Mart, Audi, Sony, Rolls Royce, and others -- to generate greater revenues, strengthen brands, speed time-to-markets, and reduce globalization costs. Please visit to learn more.